Our Vision & Mission


A society for supporting overall development and reestablishment of moral values among children and empowering women of needy socioeconomic groups through our indigenous art and cultire with the help of various organizations and person having same vision.


  • Non formal education for children those who are not attending schools due to any reason.
  • Motivating the children to go back to the school those who left due to ignorance and poverty.
  • Helping the children to enter main stream through their admission back in school for formal education(with the consent and active participation of their parents.
  • Providing support for study and personal development for children within the available finance and resources of the society.
  • Organizing various group activities and study visit to nearby places.
  • Special attention will be given to girl children because due to our poor social structure they are still having less attention in families.
  • Our aim is to support our girl to grow confidence among them, so they can prove themsleves as an important citizen of the country.
  • Non-formal education fotr the illiterate women will be the next activity of the society. There are still so many women around us who are still illiterate and thus our society too.
  • in the first step we will focus ourselves to these important issues, our group may be small, resources and funds may be limited but our aim is clear and determination is firm. With our resources we may provide support to a small group but we will do it, for a big achievment there is always a small beginning

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