Abhuday with its unique non- institutional approach endeavors to empower street and working children in various situations in the city of Varanasi. The reason for not studying may be various like poverty, igorance in the school or any other.

Motivating the children to go back to the school those who left due to ignorance and poverty.

Helping the children to enter main stream through their admission back in school for formal education(with the consent and active participation of their parents. Providing support for study and personal development for children within the available finance and resources of the society.


1.    Education:  Our endeavour is to provide quality education even if it has to be on the street. So, we follow the formal/ national syllabus but an informal and interesting methodology.  

Engaging Children in Programmes: Those children who live and work on the street and fend for themselves and support their families become the prime focus of Abhuday programmes and the challenge of the educators is to engage the children in the programme activities.


Women Empowerment

Although women have made large strides in achieving equality with men, women living in rural areas are still vulnerable, helpless and dejected. They lack the confidence to take initiative, have little or no decision-making power in the household and have virtually no voice.

Our intervention enables women to become self-reliant, develop inter-personal skills and recognize the importance of the role and the contribution they can make to society.

They enthusiastically participate in literacy classes so they can easily pick up the Alphabet & Numbers and gain practice by learning how to read the newspaper. They are also given exposure to banks and learn how to handle financial transactions. These women are also familiarized with micro-enterprises and taught how entrepreneurship can change their lives for the better.


Upbringing Girl Child

At Abhuday we are engaged in working for the betterment of girl child. We with the help of the volunteers work together to provide a better future to the girls of capital. Our focus is to provide education and proper health facilities to the girls. We work as a catalyst and try provide the basic requirements of life such as food, clothing, shelter, education and health to the needy girl children.

Health Care

Healthcare always remains as top priority for Abhuday Society. We continue to address the health needs of underprivileged children and women through our dedicated health programs.

We believe, that providing mere basic health care is not enough, as every individual also deserves dignity, at Abhuday Society, we ensure the same by providing them respect, human touch, basic health care,

Teaching material distribution

Abhuday sponsor educational material to poor adMany students in our service area are dropping out of school before graduation, since their parents cannot to afford to provide uniform, text books, school bag and such other items. Their parents are mainly working in shops & establishments, market yards, hotels or work as auto drivers, rickshaw pullers, vegetable vendors, or domestic help. We motivate their parents through counseling sessions to send their children to school.

Abhuday has been providing educational material to these poor students. We provide educational material consisting of text books, notebooks, geometry box, pencils, pens, and school uniforms, clothes, shoes, school bag, lunch box. We select the candidates by personal visits to their homes to assess the family background. We also take inputs from the school head masters to select the students who are doing well in studies.

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