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Online Exhibition of Paintings of Abhuday's Students.

At Abhuday we conduct many art and painting exhibition where students of abhuday in addition with students from different school participate. We are conducting online exhibition of all those paintings for people who visit our website. One can see the paintings read more

Welcome to Abhuday Society

Abhuday started with a thought to educate the children who have left their school due to any reason. Abhuday's story heads long back when Dr. Sharda Singh(Secretary of Abhuday) saw poor children raoming here and there without any aim. Then after seeing all this Dr. Sharda Singh along with her husband Dr. Shamsher Singh decided to educate these children under the lust of food. Hunger makes a person do anything, as a result children started coming to her for studying. read more

Donate to improve lives!!

Giving a helping hand is easier than you think. You are about to do something amazing. Your support through donation for under priviledged Children and to empower women would be very much appreciated. read more

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